Dowtcha Puppets presents SLEEPING BEAUTY with life size puppets!

Winner of Cork’s ‘Miss Badness’ competition for 10 years running, fairy Beastlyboots puts a curse on Sleeping Beauty, sending her to sleep for 100 years. Only a kiss from a handsome prince can save the day; but the prince thinks kissing is soppy, and his noble horse is more interested in eating bags of crisps then rescuing people!

Luckily the faeries at the bottom of the garden step in with their time travelling motor bike, but will it be enough to prevent Beastlyboots from ruining pantomimes for everyone?


Cork’s award-winning actress Irene Kelleher (Game of Thrones) plays the parts of both Sleeping Beauty and Beastlyboots, and is joined by renowned Dowtcha puppeteers, Michael O’Donnel and Leslie Burton.

The fairies at the bottom of the garden, are played by members of the talented Dowtcha Youth Ensemble, Alex Hindmarsh and Catherine Scroop.
The script was written by Ian Wild (Winner of Argus Angel Award at the Brighton Fringe 2015 and the Fish Short Story Award)Complete with 10 stunning life size puppets, original songs, and a cartoon style set; this hilarious show if perfect for all ages, young and old.

Built By StudioForty9