Puppet Shows

Dowtcha’s  puppet shows have become the heart of the company. They work in Cork for the same reason that puppetry has worked for humans for millennia, it’s fun, it’s a reflection of ourselves and our endeavours, and is a great way to share skills , stories and knowledge.


MURROCH AN CURRACH  THE SLEEPING FOG By Mick Lynch Presented by Dowtcha Puppets Set on Oilean Aran, Bread Island, we follow the adventures of young Paid and his magic Currach, Murroch. Having saved the faerie wood from serious harm, Paid’s dad uses the hewn timber to make a currach for his young son. To show his gratitude, the King of the Faeries invests faerie powers in this boat and charges it with the safe-keeping of young Paid. Murroch’s many powers include talking to the animals, control of the wind, the ability to travel on land and underwater and to communicate telepathically with Paid. Join us in this first of their…

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Listen Janey Mac

  See the history of Cork and Ireland with Janey Mac! Janey Mac and her puppy ‘Pepper’ make a wish in the magical stone circle in Aunty Megan’s back yard and find themselves transported back in time, trying to find each other and their way home. Janey meets a boy who lives in a ring fort who has trouble concentrating on his chores; helps Finbar and Dunbar pick a spot to build their church and has to rescue Pepper from the clutches of Gobnet, queen of the medieval slums; and still gets home in time for tea. “Listen Janey Mac” is a charming, fun exploration of the history of Cork…

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Punch and Judy

Punch and Judy Mr. Punch, the original rebellious rascal, is at it again! He’s lazy, he’s wicked, and he’s out to trick everyone who tries to sort him out. Surely one of these days he’ll get his just deserts… won’t he? Join us for Dowtcha’s signature Punch and Judy show, featuring snapping crocodiles, tremendous tickling, and delightful devilment for the whole family! Housed in a beautiful traditional styled booth, this show will add a big splash of colour, music and humour to any event. It can run on the hour and easily draw crowd after crowd in a busy environment. The booth is high and waterproof and works equally well inside or…

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Lovebirds is a comic outdoor piece about the mating rituals of Cork seagulls. Featuring romance, classic tunes and hilarious dance moves it will delight kids and adults alike. The piece is presented by three performers; two seagulls and an ‘expert’ in natural history. A booking for Lovebirds involves two ten minute shows with a roaming promenade performance between.

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Past Shows

Grandmas Garden Grandma’s Garden is a delightful puppet show for younger audiences. Seán is staying with his Grandmother for the first time while his mother is having a baby. He’s sad to be away from his games and his toys, and worried that he will have to share his parents with a new brother or sister. Things get worse when he finds out there are no computer games, DVD’s or even a television. Seán soon discovers his Grandma’s is a very special garden where he learns to play games and have fun without his toys; to make friends, and that sometimes, changing things can make them better. “Grandma’s Garden”  is full of…

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