Listen Janey Mac


See the history of Cork and Ireland with Janey Mac!

Janey Mac and her puppy ‘Pepper’ make a wish in the magical stone circle in Aunty Megan’s back yard and find themselves transported back in time, trying to find each other and their way home.

Janey meets a boy who lives in a ring fort who has trouble concentrating on his chores; helps Finbar and Dunbar pick a spot to build their church and has to rescue Pepper from the clutches of Gobnet, queen of the medieval slums; and still gets home in time for tea.

“Listen Janey Mac” is a charming, fun exploration of the history of Cork City an Ireland through puppetry and song. It’s and a mild cautionary tale reminding us all how lucky we are to live in the 21st century!

Janey Mac is ideally suited to audiences aged six and up.

It’s a little bit raucous, there are some minor special effects, a good dose of audience participation, a baddie called Gobnet at the end, and the occasional mildly rude gag. The audience tends to get involved and there’s a great thread of information about the ancient history of Cork, which is backed up with study guides and activity sheets. The show from runs for 45 minutes, and comfortably plays to an audience of 60.

It takes just under an hour to set-up, half an hour to take down, needs a 3m x 3m space to set up in and works well in the corner of a room. We bring our own lights and sounds and only need a power point to plug into. In fact we can run it from a battery if we have to!

To Book Listen Janey Mac:
Tel: 021 432 2580

Prices: One show €350, two shows €450, three shows €450.
Fuel costs applicable for locations outside a 25km radius.

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