Punch and Judy

After ten years of being asked “Do you do Punch and Judy shows?”  What could we say?
“That’s the way to do it!!”
“Kissy, kissy, kissy!!” And
“Judy, Judy, Judy!!” of course……

This is the only non-original piece in the DOWTCHA puppets repertoire but it is Mr Punch’s 350th birthday, it is a right of passage for all puppeteers, everyone wants to see it, and heck, we kind of like him even if he is bold!

That scoundrel Mr Punch is still up to his wicked lazy ways, dodging his share of baby minding and chores, mistreating his family and tricking every one who comes to try and sort him out. He’s the original rebel, rascal and anti authority figure, but surely one of these days, he get his just desserts or will he keep getting away with it?

This is a beautiful traditional styled booth, and it’s wings, dressing and classic puppet characters add a big splash of colour, music and humour to any event. It’s a short performance that can run on the hour and can easily draw crowd after crowd in a busy environment. The booth is high and waterproof and works equally well inside or out.

We’re conscious of Mr Punch’s non-politically correct tendencies and do our best to keep him under control. Sometimes we even take his slapstick off him and replace it with a tickling feather, but some people say tickling is too cruel. Our Punch and Judy show is a two hander and prices start from €200.



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