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Grandmas Garden

Grandma’s Garden is a delightful puppet show for younger audiences.

Seán is staying with his Grandmother for the first time while his mother is having a baby. He’s sad to be away from his games and his toys, and worried that he will have to share his parents with a new brother or sister. Things get worse when he finds out there are no computer games, DVD’s or even a television.

Seán soon discovers his Grandma’s is a very special garden where he learns to play games and have fun without his toys; to make friends, and that sometimes, changing things can make them better.

“Grandma’s Garden”  is full of surprises, magical characters, and funny songs. It encourages play, imagination and an interest in nature, while also introducing the idea of change, and being really, really, really, good fun!

Grandma’s Garden was developed for Pre School and infant audiences aged approximately three to six. It’s very gentle and brightly coloured; the characters are funny and silly, and Sean finds himself helping some of them to do what he’s most worried about, change.

Grandmas Garden set

The Ballad of Tin Can Annie

‘The Ballad of Tin Can Annie’ tells the story of Tin Can Annie and Bin Bag Billy, who scratch out a living in the garbage mines of Ballybruscar.

Life is hard and gets even harder when a gang of bullies make them a target. They decide to escape their dreary life and go in search of the legendary ‘Land of Green’, where it said that the sun still shines and trees still grow.On their journey through a polluted planet, they face many dangers and meet some very odd characters indeed.

Packed full of wit, wordplay, songs and surprises ‘The Ballad of Tin Can Annie’ is a cautionary tale of what can happen when waste is allowed to continue unchecked, and emphasizes the positive contributions we can all make, no matter how small to keep our planet green.


It’s Christmas Eve and all is well in the Murphy household. The Christmas tree lights are twinkling, the fire is crackling in the hearth and on the table sit a glass of milk and a slice of cake for Santa and some carrots for Rudolph. Altogether a picture of domestic peace and calm.

But something is dreadfully wrong! The fire is still alight! How can Santa come down the chimney if the fire is still burning? Oh no! Christmas will be ruined!

The Murphy Mice – Muckey and Mackey – have discovered this disaster. What can they do! How can they wake Mrs Murphy and get her to douse the fire. And what about Mr. Mogg? Will that fat cat help them or will young Martin Murphy have a Santa-less Christmas?

Join us for a fun filled story, jam packed with danger and derring-do, as Muckey and Mackey struggle against humungous odds to raise the alarm and save the day!

How the Mice saved Christmas is a delightful, seasonal treat for all ages.


how the mice saved christmas front (e)


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