Inter-Generational Puppetry Course


Dowtcha have developed a 10 to 12 week workshop programme for inter-generational participants.

This creative arts project facilitates inter-generational communication via the medium of story  telling and puppetry.

It explores and encourages aural history, helps to develop a sense of place and of history, and promotes feelings of dignity, pride respect and purpose.
Timely reminder of the enormous contribution the older person has makes to Irish society and highlights the potential for further initiatives in this regard.

The project can cater for 16 participants at a time and costs €k2.5 to deliver per programme.

The sequence of the sessions is:

  1. Intro and stories / story sharing
  2. Story sharing and exploring of puppetry possibilities
  3. Show devising and props schedules
  4. Puppet and props making
  5. Puppet and props making
  6. Puppet and props making
  7. Puppet and props making
  8. Performance and voice skills
  9. Rehearsal
  10. Rehearsal (or final performance)
  11. Rehearsal
  12. Final Performance

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