Lightweight Head and Hand Puppet

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This workshop is developed for the leaving certificate puppetry project to be completed in a standard art room. It’s an innovative Dowtcha design that makes a large lightweight head with a direct control on moving jaw from inexpensive materials.

It can be integrated into a variety of puppet styles; a head with hands controlled by rods (muppet style), a head on a shirt with human or gloved hands (like the Dolmio ads) giant or parade puppets.

This workshop is designed for leaving certificate students, but can be adapted for slightly younger students or adult groups.

A head is built from clay built around a corriboard jaw, the clay is laminated with a number of layers of tape and is then removed to form a hollow shell that can be painted, decorated and fixed to a variety of hand and body arrangements.

The workshop can be taught to class groups, and is improved with the assistance of teachers. It can be demonstrated within a 1.5 to 2 hour session,   completed with students over a full day or a number of visits.

The materials utilised are, clay, newspaper, cling film, corriboard, a variety of tapes, cloth, paint and decorative elements; and the equipment used is basic art room supplies. We can supply any or all of the materials and equipment.

The skills needed or attained in this workshop are; designing a character, and devising a construction stategy, modelling in clay, laminating, assembling multiple parts to form an articulated character, covering, decorating, fixing controls and making adjustments.

The cost for this workshop is €50 per hour (minimum 2 hours) plus €5 puppet for the basic materials.

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