Marionettes can be made with varying levels of complexity. This workshop is suitable for a secondary school project. It can be completed in a standard art room with minimal woodworking equipment, or in a woodwork room. Marionettes are often carved from wood, and although this is a highly specialised skill requiring particular equipment it is also possible to manufacture the more complex parts in alternative materials and carve some or all of the body and limbs to have a basic experience of wood carving and successful articulation.

Further simplifications are also possible to make strung puppets from found objects.

We can offer a number of versions of marionette making workshops and courses, including casting heads in hands in plaster moulds made from students clay models. We are happy to discuss options with you to find a version suitable for your resources and requirements.

Our standard marionette workshop involves making heads and hands in one of three methods, latex cast, lightweight modelling compound or oven baked clay and carving the rest of the body from red deal blocks and assembled with leather hinges all provided by Dowtcha.

We have a stock of knives, bench hooks and chisels to cater for groups of 12 at a time, or half a class. We start with sketches and 1:1 scale plans then divide the group into two, one half to work on the bodies and the other on the heads and hands.

Marrionette making requires one Dowtcha facilliator and assistance of an art teacher as the groups are split into two.
The workshop can be taught to class groups, and is improved with the assistance of teachers. It can be demonstrated within a 2 hour session, completed with students over two half days or a number of visits.

The cost for this workshop is €50 per hour (minimum 2 hours) plus €10 per puppet for the timber leather, modelling and casting supplies.

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