Simple Rod Puppet


This is our most popular and enduring workshop. It’s the one we’ve been hosting regularly at festivals, parties and events for generations of children. We’ve taken it as far as Glastonbury Festival and as close as our local park.

It’s a very simple workshop that works with individuals or groups, in a public or private context, and most importantly, every participant finishes the workshop with a character of their own unique creation, and that can be very special for all sorts of reasons. It’s also just the beginning of the fun!

This versatile workshop designed for participants 5 years to adult, is suitable for parties, class rooms and larger public and outdoor events.

To begin with a head is built from paper, card and masking tape on a stick, which is then detailed with paint, eyes and hair. The operator’s hand is covered with a cloak.
Each facilitator can deal with up to 12 participants at a time, but this number can be higher with assistants, or maybe lower in some circumstances such as an outdoor fesival.
The simplest version takes one hour, a relaxed version is possible in two hours, or a highly detailed version takes three to four hours. The materials used are a stick, newsprint paper, masking tape, card, pva, wool, cloth, trimmings, non-toxic paint.

Participants learn to draw a character and devise a construction stategy, they will crush, roll, cut and fold paper, apply and tear masking tape; and learn how to fix and cover paper forms to assemble sculptural shapes, before adding detail, eyes, hair, decoration and paint.

This workshop can be very simple or quite complex adding hands and costume detail, depending on participants skill and ambition and the time available. It can be developed into improvisation and story exercises. We provide everything needed including aprons, and the cost is €50 per hour plus €2.50 / puppet for materials.

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