About Us

Dowtcha and Dowtcha Puppets are trading names for Dolliver Design Limited.

The company is a commercial platform to deliver, and explore the possibilities of, fine arts skills and services beyond the gallery situation.

Mission Statement

Dowtcha Puppets mission is to: Produce original, high quality puppet shows, visual theatre, street theatre, workshops and courses. Promote the art form of puppetry for children and adults. Explore the potential of puppetry and visual theatre. Establish Cork as a centre for excellence in puppetry and street theatre. Expand and develop an audience for puppetry. Collaborate with educators to make relevant, stimulating, entertaining live shows for children. Provide employment and develop the professional skills of puppetry and theatre workers. Find new ways and places for audiences to experience and enjoy puppetry. Dowtcha Commercial (formerly known as Dolliver Design) is a design and production facility based in the Marina Commercial Park…

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A brief history of Dowtcha Cliff Dolliver and Mick Lynch formed Dowtcha Puppets in 2002, as a trading name of Dolliver Design Limited. ‘More Than A Nuff’ was their first production and premiered at the Cork Midsummer Festival. After the success of that production Dowtcha began to expand their repertoire of Puppet shows and, have been performing them nationwide ever since. To view their current shows see: http://www.dowtcha.com/puppet-shows/ In 2003 Dowtcha were commissioned to make a pageant for the Cork St Patrick’s Day Parade; They have featured in every Cork parade since then, and were commissioned to work on the Dublin parades in 2004, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and…

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Cliff Dolliver (Company Director) Cliff Dolliver(B.F.A., University of Tasmania) is the founder of the company. He has an extensive history in design for theatre. He spent ten years with the respected Melbourne visual theatre company, Handspan, where he learnt his puppetry, and founded Black Hole Theatre in the same city with an infamous production of Nick Cave’s, ‘And the Ass Saw the Angel’. Cliff has worked as a freelance designer and maker with many companies and communities in Australia, Great Britain and Ireland, including The Henson’s Creature workshop in London. He also has a long history as an educator.  He formed Dolliver Design Limited in Cork in 2002.   Alex…

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