Cliff Dolliver (Company Director)

Cliff Dolliver(B.F.A., University of Tasmania) is the founder of the company. He has an extensive history in design for theatre. He spent ten years with the respected Melbourne visual theatre company, Handspan, where he learnt his puppetry, and founded Black Hole Theatre in the same city with an infamous production of Nick Cave’s, ‘And the Ass Saw the Angel’. Cliff has worked as a freelance designer and maker with many companies and communities in Australia, Great Britain and Ireland, including The Henson’s Creature workshop in London. He also has a long history as an educator.  He formed Dolliver Design Limited in Cork in 2002.



Alex Hindmarsh  (Performer and Maker)

Alex is a gifted street performer and Puppeteer who helps brings to life Dowtcha’s walkabouts.
He can also regularly be found in the workshop, assisting with the latest Dowtcha creations.



dowtcha-profile-picMichael O’Donnell (Puppeteer)

Michael O’Donnell has been a puppeteer since 2009, He has worked on television shows for the BBC and The Henson Company, and in a variety of other productions for theatre, festivals, and parades. Michael has been working with Dowtcha since 2015.


Steve Nolan (Director of Puppet shows and performer)

Steve is an actor, director and performer who has been working professionally in the UK and Ireland for the last 7 years. He works with Dowtcha directing puppet shows and performing walkabouts.



Louis Wild (Graphic designer and puppeteer)

Louis  is a graphic designer and photographer who has been working with Dowtcha since 2013. Extremely versatile in creative disciplines, Louis also performs puppet shows, coordinates arts events and plays bass in the band W!LD.


Mick Lynch (1959-2015)

Mick was a founder of Dowtcha puppets and wrote and performed in several shows for the company.  He also fronted the 80’s punk indie band Stump.
Mick Sadly passed away in December 2015, and is dearly missed.


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